Rick Bennett and his ID-BUY Real Estate team were a Godsend.

“When my Dad (Jim B, age 93) made the decision that he needed to move to assisted living and asked me to arrange the sale of his 2 story, 3 car garage house in Lake Harbor, I was a bit overwhelmed as I had no experience in selling a home. Rick Bennett and his ID-BUY Real Estate team were a Godsend.

Rick gently and skillfully guided me through the process. He did HOURS of research before we even met for the first time to show me the housing market in the area and suggest the best asking price for the home. He suggested changes to the house that would make it more appealing to a potential buyer.

Rick also recommended good, qualified people to make inspections, repairs, and upgrades. All repairs were accomplished in 2 weeks and 2 weeks after the house went on MLS we got our first full price offer.

Rick and the team at ID-Buy so professionally managed the reams of forms and paperwork that my part was made much easier. Toward the end when negotiations with the buyer got a bit sticky, Rick represented Dad’s interests in the background so professionally that my time and stress were minimal.

Dad and I are very grateful that we chose Rick Bennett and ID-BUY for our realtor. Professional, experienced and thorough are the operative words I would use to describe Rick & Ceci Bennett. I would highly recommend ID-BUY Real Estate.”