It’s nearly tax time. Here are some tax benefits that come with owning a home. Can you write these things off? Read this short list.

1. Your Mortgage Rate
- Deduct the mortgage interest you paid over the course of the year.

2. Your Property Taxes
- … and you can also pay them in full early for the year for a bigger deduction.

3. Your Mortgage Insurance
- Deduct what you have paid into your PMI this past year.

4. Energy efficient Upgrades
- Any “green” updates? Get credit for a percentage of them.

5. A Home Office
- Home office & expenses can be deducted but be official.; know the rules.

6. Home Improvements for Aging There
- Renovations & improvements at home to accommodate growing old and staying put. Follow the formula.

7. Interest of A Home Equity Line of Credit
- Deduct interest paid on the loan if loan is for home improvements & repairs.

Read complete details regarding all 7 of these:…

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